We recognise that trustees are faced with a duty of care to ensure that funds are invested in a responsible and prudent manner; we aim to share this responsibility when managing the investments, ensuring that the portfolio meets the objectives of the trust. We can also offer advice following the cessation of a trust, ensuring that the investments pass smoothly and efficiently to the beneficiaries.

We offer two tiers of portfolio management services, which between them give trustees the opportunity to decide how much interaction they would like regarding the management of the investments.

Due to the set-up of many trusts, trustees often prefer to use our premier service, Discretionary Portfolio Management, which is designed for clients who do not want to take an active role in managing their investments and would instead prefer us to take full control of the investment process. This can benefit trustees, as it is often difficult for all parties to find the time to discuss the trust’s investments when timely decisions are required. Alternatively, if the trustees would prefer the final say in following our advice, the trust could use our Advisory Portfolio Management service.

Whichever service the trustees decide to take advantage of, the trust will benefit from having its own individual investment manager who will be personally responsible for managing the portfolio and who will be available to answer any questions that the trustees might have with regards the investments.