SIPP Portfolio Management

Self-Invested Personal Pensions, or SIPPs, differ from ordinary pension plans as the investment management of the pension is taken away from the large pension funds and given to the individual.

A SIPP could potentially provide you with a much greater degree of flexibility from your retirement savings as it can invest in a wider range of investments, including equities and investment trusts, with changes to the investments being able to be made at any time.

If you have several existing pensions from different employers, you might also be able to pool all of these together into one SIPP, making it easier to monitor and manage your pension pot.

However, please note SIPPs are not suitable for everyone.  Barratt & Cooke cannot offer pension advice and therefore in the first instance, if you think a SIPP may be suitable, you should seek pension advice from a pension adviser.

If it is then decided that a SIPP is appropriate for you, we will be in a position to manage the stock market element of the SIPP within either our discretionary or advisory portfolio management service.