Our ethos

Throughout our history we have held the view that investing is for the long term and, for this reason, the underlying principles by which we invest today remain similar to those we have always followed.

Over the years we have witnessed sectors, industries and even regions of the world come into vogue, only to then fall from grace. We therefore understand the importance of investing in companies with strong finances and brands.  Looking back, the effects of trying to play the market and buying the ‘next best thing’ are only too evident, with investors losing capital through speculation; this is not our investment policy.

We understand that by taking excessive risks you could be put in a financial position that is almost impossible to get out of, or through being too cautious you could see the value of your investments eroded by inflation.  We therefore construct diversified, equity-based portfolios giving exposure to different industries and geographies, as we believe that the greatest returns are generated through steady investment and patience;  over time it is the fundamentals of a business that drive a share price, not investor sentiment.

Charles Barratt’s quote says it all:

“I like to sleep soundly, as do my clients.

So invest, not speculate”