There is an increasing volume of often complex and lengthy documentation that requires trustees' attention.  Dealing with this paperwork can often be a time consuming and demanding process. Furthermore we understand that it can often be difficult to arrange for the completion of paperwork between trustees when necessary.

This is where the trustees will benefit from using our nominee service for the charity, as we have a dedicated administration team which will deal with this on your behalf, saving valuable time and effort. If the trustees' attention is still required, we will contact you explaining the options in a straightforward manner.

In addition to making general administration easier, holding stock in nominees also allows for easier settlement, particularly as stock markets reduce standard settlement periods.

Our nominee companies are separate entities from Barratt & Cooke Limited; which, in accordance with the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority, allows us to keep clients’ assets segregated from those of the firm, ensuring that they are safeguarded on clients’ behalf.

As we would hold the investments on the charity's behalf, the trustees will receive valuations in April and October annually, together with account summaries showing any dealings undertaken, and an end-of-year tax pack in April.