Charles Barratt

Non-Executive Director

"I like to sleep soundly, as do my clients. So invest, not speculate."
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Charles Barratt joined Barratt & Cooke in 1967, and became a member of the Stock Exchange in 1970.   During his tenure he led Barratt & Cooke through Mrs Thatcher’s share owning democracy of Privatisations 1984, Big Bang 1986, Black Monday 1987, the Dot Com Boom and Crash 1998/2000, the Banking Crisis in 2008 and the subsequent recovery.

Not to mention The Israel 7 Day War; Falklands War; 2 Gulf Wars; Bosnia; Afghanistan; Libya; and Syria.  He has seen Base Rates fall from 17% (1979) to 0.25% (2018), and seen stockmarkets fluctuate FTSE 30:146 (1974) to FTSE 100:7792 (2018).  He has survived 7 Prime Ministers of various shades, and has had the privilege to experience only one H.M. The Queen.

During this time, Charles was High Sheriff of Norfolk 2010/2011 and appointed as Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk 2014.   At various times he has been Chairman of Norfolk Community Foundation and Victim Support Norfolk, whilst also holding Trusteeships of Norwich Assembly House, The Norwich Cathedral Choir Endowment Fund, St. John’s Ambulance, Norwich City College etc. and is presently a Trustee of The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, The Norwich Cathedral Trust and several major grant giving Charities.  He has also written a book, “A History Of Our Time Through Different Eyes”.

He has been President of the Norfolk Club and the Aylsham Agricultural Show, Captain of the Royal West Norfolk Golf Club (Brancaster), Chairman of Fakenham Racecourse, while also farming the family farm with his wife Caroline in Cawston.  

However, having completed 50 years service to Barratt & Cooke, he knows how important it is to loosen the reins for the benefit of the business, and on 1st April 2018 he decided to become a Non-Executive, to concentrate on contributing to major decisions and strategies for the business, while allowing the next generation to take the business forward on a day to day basis.

Throughout these 50 years with Barratt & Cooke, he has always maintained (and will continue to in the future), the firm’s focus on

• putting the client first
• giving an efficient personal service
• embracing change, especially regulation MiFID II, where it really is a case of “comply or die”
• and above all adhering to the City Motto “my word is my bond”.

Having built Barratt & Cooke to new heights himself, he now looks to the next generation (whom have been in the industry for 14-20 years themselves), to take Barratt & Cooke to even higher levels to compete in the new age of the 21st century.

In his own words:

“I do not want old professional advisers myself, and neither do our clients.   I can feel proud of what has been achieved during my tenure, but I am much prouder of the present team, and what they are achieving – well done”.