We have a long track record of managing investments on behalf of charities and are therefore mindful of the obligations trustees are faced with, and the necessity for us to provide solid, conservative advice for the long term.

We understand that each charity has different needs from its investments, such as the level of income required to meet charitable objectives, or the potential need to grow its assets above inflation. We also understand that many charities have ethical restrictions which must be adhered to.

Prior to investing we therefore take time to listen to the needs of the charity in order to establish a thorough understanding of its requirements, ensuring that our management of the investments remains suitable.

Trustees can select either our discretionary or advisory portfolio management service; although, many choose the former as this is our premier service and trustees often prefer to make full use of our market knowledge, allowing us to take control of the investment process.  This can be beneficial to the trustees as it allows for timely investment decisions to be made, and reduces administration.

Whichever service the trustees decide to take advantage of, the charity will benefit from having its own individual investment manager who will be personally responsible for the investments, and who will be pleased to attend investment meetings in order to discuss and report on our investment decisions and the portfolio.