Advisory Portfolio Management

Advisory Portfolio Management differs to our discretionary service as it provides trustees with more input into the managing of the trust's portfolio. Within our advisory service the trust will receive its own dedicated investment manager who will be responsible for managing the investments.

The main difference between our advisory and discretionary services is that within our advisory service we will offer suggestions on suitable investments for the portfolio; although, the final decision on making the alterations remains with the trustees.

We continue to adopt a pro-active approach in the management of the portfolio and make recommendations, in accordance with the trust's investment objectives, as and when we feel they are appropriate or in response to corporate activity. In addition, and where relevant, we will also undertake regular reviews of the trust's portfolio, at which time we will consider all aspects of portfolio management including capital gains tax.

As an advisory client the trust will benefit from utilising our safe custody service; whereby, stock will be registered in Barratt & Cooke nominee names, with the trust receiving its own designated account - this will greatly reduce the paperwork that you receive and have to deal with as trustees.

In order to keep trustees up to date with the value of the trust's investments, we produce valuations in April and October each year, whilst we also issue end-of-year tax reports in April. However, if as trustees you would prefer to monitor the value of the investments more regularly, you could also take advantage of our online valuation service.

Our advisory service would suit the trust if it has funds to invest of £200,000 or more, and as trustees you would prefer a greater degree of interaction with the investments; however, we understand that not all trustees have the necessary time to consider our advice, or deal with the required paperwork. Many trustees therefore now prefer to use our discretionary service.

If you would like to discuss how we can manage your investments please contact one of our investment managers.