Charles Barratt


"I like to sleep soundly, as do my clients. So invest, not speculate."
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Having joined the family firm in 1967, Charles became a Member of the Stock Exchange in 1970.  During his tenure, Charles has led Barratt & Cooke through privatisations, the Big Bang, Black Monday, the dot-com boom and crash, and the banking crisis. At the same time he has witnessed bank base rates reach 17% (in 1979), and fall to ½% today, whilst also observing the fluctuations in the FTSE 100, from its inception in 1982 to its recent highs.

Throughout this time he has always maintained the firm’s focus on:

  • putting the client first;
  • giving a service;
  • embracing change; and
  • above all, adhering to the “City” motto: “My word is my bond”.

More recently Charles has delegated individual client work to other experienced stockbrokers within the firm (who he says: “are much better than him”). However, he remains committed to the firm in his role as Chairman, continuing to offer his knowledge, experience and guidance to the business.

Charles has also been able to do his bit for the county of Norfolk, having been High Sheriff, and a Deputy Lieutenant.