Fund Portfolio Service

Achieving sufficient diversification is a key consideration when constructing and managing investment portfolios, mitigating volatility and helping to improve risk-adjusted returns. Barratt & Cooke’s (increasingly distinctive) approach to diversification is to position portfolios across a significant number of direct equity shareholdings, alongside exposure to fixed interest (gilts and bonds) and alternative investments (including infrastructure and property).

Constructing a portfolio in this manner is, however, not always the most appropriate approach, for example in the case of smaller portfolios, where a different solution is required in order to achieve sufficient diversification in a cost-effective manner. Barratt & Cooke’s approach to achieving appropriate diversification within such portfolios continues to evolve and, in Summer 2019, we are launching the Fund Portfolio Service, and with it the TB Opie Street Funds (in which our Fund Portfolio Service clients will be invested).

The TB Opie Street Funds are to be managed by the experienced team at Barratt & Cooke, invested across a range of collective investments, providing highly-diversified exposure across both asset class (including equities, fixed income, real estate and infrastructure) and geography. Two Funds are being launched, differentiated by risk profile and objective. Further details on the TB Opie Street Funds can be found here.

The Fund Portfolio Service is available to Private Clients (including investment within own name, joint name, ISA, JISA and SIPP), Charities and Trusts and other entities.

Clients within the Fund Portfolio Service will benefit from a comprehensive service:

  • Access to a personal contact at Barratt & Cooke.
  • Quarterly Fund updates and portfolio valuations.
  • Semi-annual performance reporting (for discretionary clients).
  • Annual portfolio reviews.
  • Year-end tax paperwork (where relevant).

For further details on the Fund Portfolio Service, please consult our Fund Portfolio Service Brochure.

The service is aimed at clients with funds to invest of between £20,000 and £200,000 (the minimum is lowered for Junior ISAs).

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